Exponential change and paradigm shift present us with an exciting new age of opportunity and challenge. Tomorrow's reality belongs to the stories we make today. Abracadia is a unique service helping schools, organisations and individuals of all sorts to meet the opportunities and challenges of social and economic flux by using storytelling and narrative. In a world of shifting meaning the story makers set the terms that create new frames of reference.

How can we prepare our young for jobs that don't exist yet, using new technologies to solve problems we still don't know about? How can we reframe the world of work in a deconstructed global economy short on jobs and long on work that needs to be done? How can we use the 6,000 year legacy of human wisdom and experience encoded in global narrative traditions to help us evolve new ways of thinking and being in and with the world? Abracadia serves the visionary schools, organizations and individuals that dare to address such complex questions, helping them develop the stories from which can grow the solutions we need.

Any school or organisation wanting to stay aligned with members, clients and markets in a fluid state needs very specific tools and frameworks to do so. Innovators and individuals aiming to make the world more meaningful, ethical, sustainable or conscious need them too. Abracadia designs and facilitates programs to enhance creativity, innovation, orientation, alignment and meaning in learning, development and communication, using a unique range of tools and frameworks.

Any human eco-system is only as effective as the people in it are able to be. The meaning and value of people and situations is in their stories - manage the stories and you manage the reality: What are the people’s stories involved in your present situation, what are the effects of these stories, and how can they be used to help you achieve your desired outcomes? What is your story or the story of your organisation? What are the stories in its orbit? What are the stories of how you or your oganisation relate in and with the world? How do all these stories line up? How can they be harnessed, steered and driven?

In a world of shifting meaning, mining and managing story is the key to shaping the future. Abracadia’s unique range of tools and services add clear focus and value to your progress and achievement in a turbulent 21st century.

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