Founded by Dr. David Avery in 2007, Abracadia is the needle in the haystack. Well found! David hails from an unbroken line of Jamaican ‘Maroon’ storytellers traced back to a royal Ashanti griot (musician-storyteller-educator) enslaved in 1750. This discovery came when traced by his birth family in 2006, 15 years after attaining a Number One record and a doctorate in the educational and cultural applications of narrative forms!

- 7th generation Jamaican Maroon storyteller
- No. 1 reggae recording artist
- Underground soul record producer

- BA Hons: Philosophy
- PGCE in R.E.
- MA in Education
- Doctorate in narrative and mythography
- Secondary school teacher
- University lecturer in education and culture

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David's journey began as an un-parented wild-child (expelled from school) raised in a gritty underworld, then befriended and mentored by Dizzy Gillespie and Art Blakey (among others). This set him on a trajectory towards his current status as pioneering narrative and cultural dynamics specialist. working primarily with schools, businesses and individuals. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experience enables David to reach and inspire people of all sorts. and adds a special depth of human understanding to his work. David's motivation throughout is his passionate commitment to restoring meaning in a world often overloaded with information.