Below is a sample of the comments made by Abracadia’s users. Click this link to see the full client list.

“You ARE the wizard!”
(Aidan Timmons, Head of Art, Peacehaven Community School.)

“Stunning!” (John Caswell, CEO Group Partners ltd. corporate leadership consultancy.)

“I would certainly recommend Abracadia. I would however suggest that David is used in the way he prefers — which is to develop his stories with time to get pupils into workshops to work on the themes of his stories” (Brian Netto, OFSTED.)

“David, you are an AWESOME storyteller. Seriously. I am not joking.” (Aron, Student, Moreland School, Islington.)

"David is a superb wordsmith with exceptional intellectual and intuitive ability to get the big picture clear. His ability to grasp, capture and communicate the complex web of stories around global changes in the way that work is done makes him a highly valued and respected member of the team at Global Experience Networks."
(Jon Glesinger, founder gleXnet and Expert Alumni.)

“Abracadia has enlightened my awareness of how to use story to empower, change attitudes and create positive self image in a learning environment.”
(Ethnic Minority Achievement conference delegate, Hammersmith and Fulham.)

“Fantastic! Working to four groups of 200 each, eight hundred pupils were held totally throughout. This is quite unlike anything I have seen before. The pupils really enjoyed it and gained a lot. I would certainly recommend Abracadia most highly.” (Lee Cornwall, PSZ Manager, Orleans Park School, Richmond.)

“David is highly intellectual and very informative on his subject. His relationship and engagement with pupils is extremely impressive. Our students (hard to reach) were really engaged for a four hour workshop on storytelling, these students are known to be very challenging and confrontational. I suggest that you discuss with David the exact content and format in how you want the workshop to run. He definitely has my approval and recommendation.” (Sharon Langrish, Head of PSHE, Haverstock School, Camden.)

“Powerful words!!!!!! Truly inspiring.” (Adisa, performance poet.)

“Very inspiring and thought provoking… melding story with higher order thinking, and using very tactile and kinaesthetic imagery — just the sort of thing we need to offer children” (Pamela Smyth, Arts Education Advisor, Bromley.)

“The children were enthralled and delighted as they were brilliantly and expertly led into different worlds of Zen masters, flying monsters and tricksters. David is a fantastic story-teller who managed to sprinkle some magic story-telling dust over all children on that day.” (L.Hamilton, EMA Co-ordinator, Underhill School, Barnet.)