Abracadia provides a unique service to schools as artist/mentor/cover-teacher/consultant-in-residence. This allows pupils to benefit more fully from continuity and in depth work. It also enables schools to benefit from the regular presence of a professional storyteller, educationist and mentor.

Residencies are usually for one day per week or per fortnight and often serve a wide range of school needs, pastoral and academic.

Residencies vary in duration from a term to a year, enabling target groups to build up a strong basis for progress in the required areas.

Targets for residency programs include embedding improvement in attitudes to learning, relationships, behaviour and achievement, life skills, assemblies, philosophical thinking, provision for gifted and talented, school learning culture, community cohesion and curriculum integration.

Abracadia works with school leadership and subject leadership teams to plan aims and outcomes, and provides detailed ongoing formative evaluation and monitoring to ensure that targets are being met. In terms of value and service, residency is the gold star option.