Spoken word arts enrich education, but storytellers, poets, musicians and actors are not educationists. Educationists steeped in the research and practice of educational development are academics not artists.

Only Abracadia combines both skill sets to the highest professional standard, providing the ultimate in the educational use of narrative for pupils, teachers and school managers.

Abracadia provides storytelling, poetry, music and drama performance and workshops, education consultancy and INSET, all tailored to suit the requirements of your school.

Abracadia specializes in provision for literacy, numeracy, social cohesion, personal & social development, transition, behaviour for learning, motivation, inclusion and gifted and talented.

Many schools use Abracadia on a residency basis as this adds most value, enabling schools to use the full range of Abracadia’s educational services in a joined up way for managers, teachers, support staff and pupils. But we also offer short term services too. Browse the drop-down schools menu for more details on school services and visit the
gallery to see Abracadia in action: