Abracadia offers a wide range of inspiring and motivational storytelling workshop experiences of the very highest quality.

All workshops are designed especially to meet each client’s unique needs. Elements of workshops include:

Interactive storytelling performance: ranging from traditional tales to inspirational and visionary true life stories. Interactive listening to a good story well told, full of wit, wisdom and wonder can be a powerful tool for growth and bonding, and never fails to generate insightful discussion that helps to clear the path to positive growth and development for individuals, teams and diverse groups.

Spoken word training: Light the flame of inspiration with your words and stories. Presentations, public speaking, effective communication within teams, winning new business, succeeding at interview and connecting all require good spoken word skills. Spoken word skills of mnemonics, body language, eye contact, vocal dynamics, pace, tone, projection techniques, breath control techniques and suggestion techniques (also known as ‘charismatic’ or ‘hypnotism’ techniques) are all covered.

Archetype profiling: People often think of archetypes as character types, but in fact they are so much more than that. They include themes (e.g. conflict, union, quest, transition), categories of experience (e.g. challenge, opportunity, learning, teaching), models of character development (e.g. trickster, hero, wise elder) and organising principles (e.g. geometry, trajectory, cosmology, number, velocity). Your archetype is not just a character, it is a stage in your journey as an individual, as a community and as a business. Abracadia workshops help you to identify, use and progress the full power of your archetype profile.