Abracadia Storytelling Course


Abracadia Storytelling Course provides a unique experience of, and training in, the art of storytelling and life-narrative. It is equally suitable for all those interested in mythology, life narrative and storytelling, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Abracadia is not the world’s only storytelling course. If you want to explore the realm of storytelling, and master the art, it is important to choose the right course - the one that best suits you.

The Abracadia Storytelling Course offers a flexible structure with lots of choice in what you cover and how you work. There is also total flexibility about where you do the course: it can be done with a mixture of on-line and face to face activities or entirely on-line, including one to one and group elements.
Units of the course can be done individually or in combination at any time of the year, but those wishing to register for the whole course (for full accreditation) should do so by July 2013.

In its entirety, the storytelling course mixes theory and practice and is suited to people wanting a good balance of study and experience, combining rational left brain thinking with intuitive and creative
right brain exercises.

The five areas for study are cultural studies (e.g. story traditions, archetypes, icons, phonics, hermeneutics and paradigm shift), mythical thought (e.g. totem, taboo, alchemy and kaballah), mythical living (i.e. how mythology is enacted personally and socially, from the stone-age to today), mythography (from story categories to new myth-making) and technique (e.g. vocal dynamics, speech rhythms, audience involvement, song and music, body language and timing).


The five areas for experience are personal and social development and wellbeing, dreamtime, breath control, preparing to tell and storytelling - all in a variety of settings.

(Study and experience are not opposites and are integrated in all parts of the course.)

The course starts in September 2013, and lasts 16 weeks. It combines elements of on-line webinars and e-coaching with face to face coaching, group work and live performance. There are elements of research into story traditions, experiental discovery of story and its use, composition, adaptation and performance.

If all this resonates with you and you want to know more, just contact Abracadia ...

The course is facilitated by Dr Dave Avery. David is an experienced professional storyteller and a No.1 reggae recording artist. Descended directly from a royal Ashanti griot, he is the 7th consecutive generation of master storytellers and drummers from the Maroon community of Jamaica (which so inspired Rasta culture and reggae). His doctorate in narrative, storytelling and mythography in education (University of Sussex, 1990) covered all the areas included in this course. He has lectured in education and culture at Sussex and Middlesex Universities, has taught in schools, and trained teachers from all over the world in the use of story. David has also written and presented internationally on education and cultural dynamics and facilitated creative learning workshops and courses in a wide range of settings over many years.

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