Abracadia Storytelling Course

Strand 1 - Foundations of Storytelling

Participants can choose to focus on any combination of the listed topics (minimum 3 for the full course), work includes tutorial and facilitated experiential elements; assessment by written submission or oral presentation:

  • Dreamtime: Introducing the use of dreamtime in storytelling, from traditional beliefs to Jungian perspectives.

  • Naming: Exploring what is naming, what do our names signify and how can we use them, how naming bestows power and qualities upon objects, people and stories (and control over them, too).

  • Mythical Thought: What is it and how is it used in storytelling? What is mythography - from story categorization to making new mythologies?

  • Voice: Developing your own authentic voice and presence; what is 'inner voice' and what is 'the voice of story'?

  • Social Alchemy: Using the hermeneutics of critical theory to see exactly how narrative and dialogue transform us - and our world.

  • Personal Mythology: Exploring the mythologies in our own lives and developing ways of managing them best.

  • Narratives of Experience: The experience of study and reflection on experience. How do we experience narrative in and around us? How can we use the narratives of our own experience to enrich our storytelling?