Abracadia Storytelling Course

Strand 3: Themes

The following range of themes will be covered in webinar, and participants select one theme for their storymaking unit.

  • New Paradigm Consciousness: what is its story, what does it mean for storytellers, and how can storytelling help it to evolve?

  • Diversity from dualism to holism: Using global story traditions, including narratives of philosophy and alchemy, to explore the transition from dualistic (i.e. self-other) concepts of diversity to ‘holistic’ ones.

  • 21st Century Woman and Man: exploring old and new narratives of gender roles and status in relationships and society.

Strand 4: Storymaking

  • Planning 1: Participants choose their own focus related to strand 3, and must decide whether to create new stories or use traditional ones. We then look at how we can use the storytelling foundations and toolkit to gain traction and accelerate progress towards our real-world objectives.

  • Planning 2: Planning and composing our chosen traditional or original tales, using what we have gained from strands 1 and 2.

  • Planning 3: Rehearsal, including coaching on line or face-to-face and reflection on the experience of the whole course.

Strand 5: Storytelling

  • venue to be announced