This course combines narrative with music and is suitable for musicians who want to tell a story with their music and for storytellers who combine the use of music with storytelling. It is also good for anyone interested in the roots of language and the deep connection between phonetic and musical communication, where feeling is converted into meaning by the use of evocative and signifying sound.

The course explores the ancient and modern African and European bardic heritage (from Egyptian to griots to blues, jazz and reggae; and from Stonehenge to medieval to folk-rock ) and helps you find the music in your voice and in your stories and the story in your music and your song.

In African tradition, as elsewhere, science and knowledge are creatively integrated with arts and mysticism. All great geniuses in music, science and narrative, from Beethoven to Bob Dylan, from Newton to Einstein, from Homer to Campbell, have achieved that status by integrating creative right brain and rational left brain thinking in this way.

Narrative Harmonics is a system related to Pythagoras’ musical harmonic theory; it uses a ‘narrative octave’ to help stories resonate deeply with listeners. And it uses musical staves to represent the 'energy frequencies' of personal (the gaps) and social (the lines) involvement with narrative.

Participants first identify a focus area. (The Ball Cube is a useful extra option in enabling this process.) Then the narratives are identified, and each is given a musical notation value of pitch, weight and duration, according to frequency, significance and story category.

When the 'notes' are all in place they are played as a piece of music. This produces some surprising effects, subliminally unblocking old obstacles to progress. And it produces some surprisingly beautiful and rich music, encoded within which are all the stories surrounding your chosen focus area, including the story of your own path to success. A recording of your music is provided in MP3 and CD.